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Originally Posted by Brodovitch View Post

Nah, all things considered I am a total luddite when it comes to the great digital roadbook debate...
(As well as the great digital roadbook creation debate)

Saying that, I did once have to tape my iphone to my roadbook screen to head back to the bivouac for repairs in the middle of a stage, this damn iPad mini would have been perfect

I had a mate here from Sweden like that... before the Tuareg Rallye 2011 he had NEVER used a GPS (had ridden plenty of roadbook rally's etc. and was at home with the "paper" side of things).

I said; "No worries..." (I was managing the team of two riders) "... I have a solution to simplify everything for you..."

Anyway, a few days later... when we unload everything out of the team bus for inscription/ technical inspection,
there on the screen of the Garmin 60 GPS is a yellow sticky "post it" note (like everyone has on the monitor of their computer at work to remind them of things).
On the "post it" note I had hand drawn a big arrow pointing upwards... and "THIS WAY" written below it...

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"There is a difference between constructive criticism and plain rudeness."

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"It's like deja vu all over again."

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"...the Barstid never gives you anything for your Sig line, it's always too long........."
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