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Originally Posted by Balkan Boy View Post
Actually, it would be (technologically) impossible to keep that size and performance in a real world conditions.
I dream about such device as a motorcycle dashboard for years.
Arrrrgh - you are sucking me in again!

Actually, I know a number of people who use iPhones as GPS units on street bikes with no ill-effects whatsoever - you can get some nice little waterproof cases for them too...

The technology and build is basically the same in the iPad mini - so why not? - stick it in an Otterbox (or tupperware as Troy suggests xx) and it would be well protected...

I'm not suggesting this for racing/rally application (as I'm on record many times as a firm advocate of paper), but for dual-sport and adventure riding, I can see real potential in the iPad mini as a moving map/GPS and even as a display for traditional road-book style instructions - Trans-Am Trail and the like? There are already a number of highly detailed map apps for the iOS, and of course Google maps if you have a wifi/3G connection...

You can already get a Garmin app for the iPhone that essentially converts it into a Garmin Nuvi style vehicular device - so the dashboard function is already taken care of...

Oooooh the possibilities!

Ram Mount/Otterbox - where are you?!

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