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FUCKIN' POLITO! are two words that I'll never tire of yelling or muttering under my breath. Those two have even replaced some trusty and faithful old swearword combinations for me..they just have some sort of magical ring to them that a simple "God Damn It" can't satisfy.

It's funny reading other people's reports after you've shacked up with them for a while. It's like having your kid leave for college (I am in no way implying you are college educated. Or educated at all for that matter) and then seeing what people think of him now that he's all grown up. You apparently are still swindling people all over the country with that famous Polito charm. Maybe we should all start a support group and see how many of us unrelated FOP's (Friends of Polito) have taken to using "Fuckin' Polito" everytime something goes wrong? I'd be willing to bet it's more than just Evan and I.

Anyway, now that I finally catch up on the RR, I see you haven't slowed down getting yourself into more trouble. One simple question remains...are you still coming out here to park the bike and fly out for Thanksgiving? The reason I ask is - I've got laserdisc copies of all the THUNDER IN PARADISE movies and a bag of and I have got some HULK'ing to do!

Miss ya man, be safe.

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