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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
The WRR is great below 5k feet, but it ain't bad in the high places. Mine runs out of throttle on high grades like in the Rockies, but I just go to 5th gear and she comes right back. If she runs out of the throttle in 5th, I go to 4th to maintain my slab speed (65 or so). I like to go to a gear that allows the throttle to be off the stop.
Im really not sure I would enjoy this on a bike, especially once you load it down with gear and add a headwind. Ever since I have started riding every bike Ive had has had more than enough power to blow away 95% of traffic in nearly all situations.

That said, Im amazed a 250 can even do 65 at altitude, let alone up a hill. 15 cubic inches.. I will have one when I get back from my trip
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