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Originally Posted by Mini Trail View Post
If it isn't obvious I am new to the shims. I had to replace both rockers. The intake (new item number) is so tight I had to compress the valves a touch to push the rod through.

They seem to have some relief machined into the bottom where they go over the valve stem. I thought it might be measured from inside that relief (where my calipers or micrometer won't fit) but it sounds like they are measured at the flats.

How many brands use the same shims? I'll buy that hotcams set but if there was an S&S kit for Harleys for half the price well...
Something seems odd, new rockers shouldn't effect your clearance that drastically. Are you 100% positive you are at TDC? Do the intake shims look pitted in the center? You measure the gap between the rocker and shim using a feeler gauge.

The reason HD dealers carry the shims is because they are used on the Rotax motored Buells. Obviously KTM uses them and I'm guessing some Aprilias use them also.
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