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Originally Posted by ben2go View Post
Cuttle,you work?I thought you practiced happiness on two wheels?
afraid so... (I am at work right now )

yesterday was considered a "mental health day" (and reduce comp time)

here are rest of the pics:

Viking Mt. (below the tower)

Lone Pine Gap - above Paint Creek

Brush Creek Road

some failed attempt of a self-timer shot (no fished were harmed at the slip )

on Fubar Fugate road to get over the river

no pics from NC209 - that's way too much fun to mess around with the camera

short stop at _anatic's to drop of some stickers (which turns out I left at home )

can't wait to move in

on Hwy63

- if you look closely you see AVL way back there.... and the Wedge (my next destination)

well, just after I took the pic the bike decided to take a nap - and I was not even near it

turns out, it came in pretty handy that my cable broke the last time I was out: it's much easier to pull a freshly lubed/new clutch cable with one finger

so, 200 miles, a clutch lever, couple of Pils at the Wedge, ... live is good
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