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Had a bit of free time today so I headed back out to the garage. I got a couple new parts, namely handlebars and seat, so I mounted the bars and mocked up the seat. Then, I was looking through parts from old projects and found a fender that I'd once used on my GL1000 as a swingarm-mounted "hugger" type fender. I cut the support struts off of it and set it on the back of the frame just for laughs. It was a pretty damn close fit, just the rear end of the frame was interfering. So, I lopped it off:

I welded up a mount for the front of the fender, bent the edges out a bit at the front for clearance, and it looks pretty good on there, I think. I mocked everything up for a couple shots:

I probably won't get too much farther on it for a week or so, my schedule is pretty full. But so far I'm pretty pleased with how this project is coming along. The only real sticking point is the wheels, but I still have a couple of ideas to try out on that front.
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