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Originally Posted by Kommando View Post
Umm...aren't you at a bit of altitude, in a hilly part of the country?

It also depends on WHICH bikes you're comparing. I wouldn't want to ride an oil-burning KLR or a paint-shaker 640 on a long slab trip either. A WRR on relatively-flat ground at low altitude might be perfectly fine slabbing-wise for many people.
If the long trip was 70/30 in favor of the street, and it involved roads that required speeds of >65 mph for long periods of time, I would absolutely choose the KLR, DR650, or the LC4 over a 250. Let me be clear, I like the KLX and the WRR, but think they are a litttle over-hyped in their abilities to comfortably maintain slab speeds (at least anywhere there is an appreciable climbing involved).

As far as adventure riding goes (and let me loosely define that by a bike that carry plenty of gear, cover alot of miles, and let you do it in some semblence of comfort), I am just not a fan of the smaller bikes. I'd choose the KLR, 650 Dakar, or plenty of other bikes with roomier cockpits, better luggage capacity, some wind protection.

The OP asked if ayone had went from a 650 to a 250 and regreted it. Well, I did, I'm not knocking anyone else's choice in bikes, it just wasn't for me.
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