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little problem/GREAT SOLUTION

My experience with MondoMotos;

So, there I was, super excited to have these "Bullets" on the way and with all the great reviews, it was hard to wait ALL FOUR days it took for the lights to arrive! I busted into the box to find everything neatly packed and well put together. Immediately upon opening the two little boxes inside the shipping pack, I noticed these things felt stout and of fine quality.
I then unraveled the organized "kit" portion of the light kit. The professional looking harness and switch looked to be of top quality and well insulated in it's heat shrink and water fast fittings. The instructions were simple and referenced where on the site I could find additional info and such. Laying everything out, it all seemed to go together as easily as the proverbial peg in a hole. Bench testing everything, the lights were quite impressive. Brighter than anything I had ever mounted up on past cars or bikes. Getting them mounted up, everything went smoothly...with one exception! Now one light wasn't working! I turned everything off, did the ole "shake the wire trick", tested some connections and lit them back up and voila! Couldn't get either light to recreate the issue.
I wrote MondoMotos, told them of my issue and said I would take them for a spin that weekend and see what happened. NOPE.... Brian couldn't let that ride I suppose. He said he would send a whole new setup immediately! WHAT?!?!?!? NOT charge me for another set until the return of the others....NOT send back originals and wait for another....NOT return/repair/reship!?!?!?!?! No, none of that. They shipped out a new setup, which arrived in 3 days, and simply said use any or all of what I felt would do the trick/make me happy and use the enclosed shipping sticker to box it up and send back any or all of the old setup! No questions, no excuses! A simple apology for the inconvenience and new goods shipped immediately! Holy Smokes why can't other folks do business like this!
I am elated to say the new lights are on the Tenere, look great and work flawlessly! A fine product that the owner obviously stands behind. I am proud to have done business with such a stand up company.

Thanks Brian and MondoMotos
Scott Journigan
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