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The other morning, on my normal commute, I had a bit of rain. As I approach a red light down hill I touched the rear brake to slow a bit, bike went squirrelly, touched the front brake even squirrellier, back to rear brake again fish-tailing. Light is red (on my side) now. I can't stop at all feels like all it wants to do is lock and fish-tail. I think I am gonna lose it. I had noticed a car sitting at the light waiting for green on the cross street, as my attempt to stop got stupider and stupider I was wondering what I was gonna have to do to miss it. But, the car didn't move. Sat there patiently as I wobbled my way through the light and continued down the street. Never got a chance to thank them, but this could have really been ugly. I have no idea what caused the problem, it had been raining all night nearly so the oil on the road should have been gone. Gave me the heebie geebies for a few days. But, thank Dog that car didn't move or someone else would probably be typing this.
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