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Originally Posted by anotherguy View Post
Here. Read and follow these instructions. BTW magnetos require clean and square point faces to deliver max spark.

Access to breaker point inspection and timing adjustment is provided by removing small cover on left side engine cover. Ignition should occur, breaker points just open, as "F" mark on flywheel aligns with timing mark (TM-Breaker points should just open as "F" mark on flywheel aligns with timing mark (TM). Timing ts adjusted by varying breaker point gap within recommended range of 0.3-0.4Mfyi.). Timing is adjusted by varying breaker point gap. Normal breaker point gap, with timing properly set, is 0.3-0.4MM (0.012-0.016 inch). Breaker points should be renewed if proper timing is not possible within range of 0.2-0.6MM (0.008-0.024 inch). Flywheel must be removed to renew breaker points. Flywheel retaining bolt should be torqued to 1.8-2.3 kg-m (13-16.6ft.-lbs.). High tension ignition coil and ignition
condenser are frame mounted beneath fuel tank. Alternator current is converted to DC by a silicon rectifier and used for battery charging and indicator lights. A 6V-6AH battery and a 10 A fuse are used in the system.
First of all

Question 1. How important is it that the flywheel is properly torqued? I don't mind torqueing(?) it, but would that prevent spark?
Question 2. If the rectifier is bad, would that prevent spark? And where is it?
Question 3. I have been adjusting breaker gap by loosening the screw on the points, and gently tapping the assembly in the desired direction, is that right?
Question 4. That description pretty much covers the whole ignition system right?
I apologize for the newbishness, it's a common symptom of being a newb.
Question 5. I see the "F," but no "TM." There is a pointy part poking out about 1/4 inch from the wall and is about in the right spot, might that be it?
Question 6. I've saved the newbiest of all for last. The points gap (.012-.016 inches) is the minimum or the maximum value? Should the points ever actually touch?
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