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Originally Posted by ZequeArgentina View Post
The Racing lancers are now equiped by a V8 Ford mustang engine.
The new Mitsu ASx from Mitsubishi Brazil,isa redesign racing Lancer by ex Ralliart chief (Viardot) also with a V8 gasoline engine (I guess also a Ford V8, as Viardot are helping also the nederlandīs mitsu).
That's interesting... I had not heard about the ford engine transplant. I can understand the Netherlands entry (RiWi) choosing to run an engine of any choice (not bound to any manufacturer as such) that gives them the best performance/possibility under the new production based motor regulations for T1... but that the Petrobras/Mitsubishi backed effort would have an engine of another manufacturer (when the car has MITSUBISHI all over it) seems curious?
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