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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Hey you inspired me to take a quick trip out to Lee Vining, the colors were peaking and the crowds no where to be found! Awesome day. Thanks for that!

Perfect, that's what this is all about! Isn't it great that the ride to Lee Vining is a QUICK trip? Thanks for sharing

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My main problem ( or excuse) is that once I get my feet situated on the pegs of my bike... it's so damn hard to stop and set up for photos. I had two lenses and that was nearly overload in itself. The D5100 was great to play around with but I ended up relying so much on the presets and bringing a small tripod ended up being additionally complicated. And I realized first hand that it's not the tool as much as it's the toolsmith.
I completely understand this problem. For years I would take off for a two week ride and come home with less than a roll of film worth of photos. Stopping was such a pain and took away from my ride experience. I wanted pictures later, but it was so much work. It's different now, I'm slowing down and am actually EXCITED about the whole photo process, and as long as I'm excited about it I'll continue. Who knows maybe I'll get tired of it in a few years and it will just be a phase, like so many aspects of my riding. Two years from now I might be ice racing bikes and the camera will be collecting dust...I don't know My point is, don't force it. I've enjoyed plenty of ride reports with Iphone photos because the author was passionate about what they were doing. Keep on keeping on!
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