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Originally Posted by Dave.0 View Post
Armstrong's problem was that he cheated too well. Hell, we all know they all cheated and doped, and most have admitted to it or gotten caught. He needed to be smart about it and throw in some mixed results - not win 7 straight TDF. He could have come back from cancer, won a couple tours, retired as a cancer survivor and role model, and lived happily ever after with his charity and millions in endorsements. If this doping stuff came up, he could have come clean, acknowledged it was rampant and played it off like he is now interested in cleaning up the sport for the love of cycling. More accolades would follow, for being honest and a sportsman.

But, he is a narcissist and an egomaniac - he couldn't stop. He needed to head the lesson of Icarus. Ultimately a man's integrity is all he has, and Armstrong has none.

He should never have come back from retirement. Things cost messy after that.
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