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Thought about doing the bearing conversion. But when I saw the price tag I decided against it. Kinda made my heart skip a beat I dont see this bike getting a lot of miles on it, more of a sunday cruizer. So it shouldnt be a big deal.

And again... not much to report. Working 2 jobs (1 that pays and 1 that hopefully will pay some day) pretty much takes up all my spare time right now.

But I was eyeballing some cool non maring tire spoons and a wheel truing stand the other day with thoughts of starting the re-lacing process on the new wheels.

Speaking of wheels. The stock wheels have rim locks in them as they are a tube wheel. The new wheels are tube wheels also as they are a spoke wheel. But they are not drilled for rimlocks. Do you think I need rimlocks? My experience with street driven bikes with rim locks is its hard to ballance the wheels due to the added weight of the rim locks. Without rim locks you stand the chance of spinning the tire and tearing out your valve stem. More with the rear wheel than the front I imagine. Although the front does take some strain under breaking.

I was thinking something like this might be the ticket

Then it raises the quesion of where to drill for the rim lock. There isnt a rim lock hole currently in the Akront wheels. I bought.

Hmm and while browsing rockymountains site.....

Ive always just used black tape to cover the spokes as its cheep and doesnt shift around. But that is kinda nice looking. And it is for the BSA and money well.. I just keep throwing at at it (other than that bearing )
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