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Well, I'm just not a household that seems to ever have WD-40 lying around. I was meaning to go out and get some since it comes so well recommended for cleaning (I have no other use for it since I either use grease, oil, or Parts Blaster for the ways many people use WD-40), but between having some time today, and having a brief period of sunshine after a feeder band of Sasha cleared away that just happened to coincide with me reading ttpete's post that WD-40 is mostly mineral spirits, I decided to test what I had in the house.

Pictured is the way the non-chain side of the wheel looked after amounts of Simple Green, straight and diluted, a sponge and rinsing, plus the cans of Acetone and Mineral Spirits I had on hand. I didn't get into trying to scrub too hard because I wasn't all that impressed with Simple Green's ability to cut through what was there. If it didn't come off after sponging the area a few times, it wasn't coming off that day.

I was ready for a side-by-side comparison, but the truth is that they both seemed to clean the PJ1 Black lube off just as well. The only difference I saw was that the Mineral Spirits stayed around longer, and this meant that after softening up and moving around greases/dirts, it was still cutting adn liquid enough to wipe areas with a clean paper towel to clean up the gunk that got moved around but not removed. This was pretty helpful, and made the clean-up around the spoke mounds on the rim even easier.

My take on it is that one would have to re-apply acetone to their towel or rag more often, and therefore go through more of it.

I'm still not 100% sure there is no difference in cleaning ability, but I'll wait until next time to test that again since the rain started up again.

Actually, I can see waiting until I have the wheel off again to clean up the rear sprocket and other parts of the wheel... but thanks to you guys that clean up will be much easier now.

I wonder if I should try car wax on them after cleaning and washing them again to try to limit how much grime or chain lube will stick to them?

Again, I want to thank everyone for the tips and ideas.

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