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Originally Posted by gunnerbuck View Post
Great stuff, I believe the river in your last 3 pics is the Chilco...
Yea, it is the Chilcotin River at Farwell Canyon. Beautiful spot.

Let us go back to the mini van pulling the camping trailer up through the sand after the Big Bar ferry event.
When going by them I asked if everything was ok and if they needed help. The old guy looked quite stressed but said it was all under control. I just carried on not giving it much thought.
Waiting at the bottom, it seemed like it took for ever for the guys to show up. Chris shows up last and right away wants me and him to go back up there and helpI roll me eyes and thinking to myself; what the f*** I hate riding deep sand, especially downhill, and now he wants me to do it all over again just because he wants to play good samaritan?
Well, we weren't going to cross the river any time soon anyway 'cause the ferry operator just took off up the road to help tooOh well up we go and help...
Talking with the ferry guy later, he said this was the worst condition he had ever seen the road in all the years he has been running the ferry!
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