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Totally agree but must say, doing the trip handicapped on such an ill-suited bike makes the story 2 x more interesting. Keep up the fine work. One of the best trip reports evah, IMHO.

and watch out on the BRP. The federal cops write monumentally expensive tickets and you have to watch carefully for deer and bears.. the furry kind. Many of the roads that snake down off BRP on both side of the ridge are fabulous and do not have radar gestapo.

No handicap and not ill suited. I have been using my 900ss, 907 Paso, 888, 916, 996 and now my 1199 for 400 to 500 mile days with soft bags as my "touring" bikes. The roads do matter, I always choose side /back roads as straight highways are not conducive. The pleasure received from the oneness experience and handling/performance far outweighs the rocking chair or straight up position of a 5-600 lb motorcycle.
I'm anxious to hear Anti Hero's perception and experiences on the 1199 as his bike choice. He could have chosen any bike. My guess is that he feels best on any ride being a part of the Ducati overall experience.
I received three speeding tickets in 30 miles on the Blue Ridge. The engineering of the road is stellar. Banked turns, great traction.
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