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Originally Posted by moodfart View Post
Any experience with dropper style seat posts? I feel like I'm a pretty solid mountain biker, and my Giant Reign is one of the best things I've ever purchased. Besides brakes, the only other 'complaint' (can't really call it that) is having to interrupt my 'flow' to get off the bike and lower the seat for downhill sections. I love making use of all 6" ... that's where the bike really shines. And to climb efficiently, I really need to get back off the bike and extend the post higher, otherwise I'm not able to get near my full power to the pedals.

LBS has the giant post for $220+tx... it seems steep but it also seems like an amazing addition to the ride, and I wont buy online... the LBS is amazing with customer support and super nice guys. I also figure I'll always be able to take the seat post with me as I move on to other bikes (eventually). I've heard some negatives of seat play and mechanical failures, but I've also heard they're worth their weight in gold. Thoughts?
I have the Reverb on my Reign. Done about 500kms of riding with it and no issues at all. It's great to be able to drop your seat at will.

I got the left hand mount for the remote and put it in upside down on the right to protect it.

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