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If I'm riding the V-Strom (the Tiger doesn't have emergency flashers) when I've come up upon these groups I've put my emergency flashers on and just sat behind them. At first they are perplexed, then eventually it dawns on them that they are going so slowly as to qualify as a "slow moving vehicle." In all but one instance the duo or group has found a convenient excuse to pull over for a stop a few miles down the road.

This was also the advice of the Skip Barber Driving School when someone is tailgating you. "Brake checking" a tailgater is dangerous and escalates the situation: the flashers make them aware of a concern without eliciting a rage response.

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THIS^^ is why i ride an XR (or my spanky new CRF when im too slack to kick the old girl in the guts)..the roads over here ARE SHITE! can hear the H-D's bottoming out on the freeway from 2k away!, granted QLD roads are worse than WA's bahahaha (im an ex QLDer and always will be, will never be a West Aussie!)...bein a girl is overrated according to my missus lol
Because of the Spring freeze-thaw cycles, the roads in most of the "Snow Belt" in the US are quite rough.

This can be fun. There used to be two huge dips on the road leading to Logan Airport in Boston. If there were cruisers or sport bikes in the [inevitably] left lane, I would sit behind them on the right, then speed up just as we approached the "Whoop de Doos" AKA "Whoop de Chews." They would generally take affront and nail the throttle, just as they hit the bumps. Call me demented but I always thought it amusing. Also did the same with the lowered Honda Zivics on the same stretch, or the expansion joints on the Tobin Bridge.
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