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Laugh Gainesville GA to Dothan AL

I made some distance yesterday down to Dothan AL. I'm 90 miles from Panama City FL. When I left, Gainesville my entire plan was to avoid Atlanta. I did. I rode West, toward Rome GA before heading south on Rte 100. At some point I stopped for a coke in a small store on Rte 20 a had a great chat with the store's owner and other patrons, I only wish I had thought to take their pictures, really nice guys!

I crossed the path of the ride I made this Spring, from Key West To Shediac in the tiny town of Tallapaloosa, GA.

I saw a lot of Cotton growing. It is the first time I have seen it ready for harvest. You even see cotton balls lying on the side of the road. Not sure if they are blown out of the fields or off trucks carrying the harvest. All in all it is a nice ride in north Western Georgia and Eastern Alabama. I like that rte 100 in GA and CR 82 in AL

All along the ride I have seen Obama and Romney signs on lawns, cars etc, everywhere. Then I got to CR-82, a great road through rural eastern Alabama and these signs started popping up on lawns. I knew then I was officially a long way from Shediac, NB

When I got to Dothan, I found a room and checked my email and Angele had provided these great photos from home.

Liam and Melody, our neighbor, Sophie's kids who I miss seeing every day. Liam talked to me on Skype, when I called home and was concerned about the cost of my gas for riding so far away. Gas by the way is 82 cents a litre here and $1.29 a litre in New Brunswick. Part of Canada's "Free" Healthcare

and then, this second great picture of Bob and I keeping in touch by Skype. Bob wants to know when I'm coming home to give him a treat.

The forecast in Panama City Beach today is for "much cooler, dryer air" 80 degrees and sunny

When Angele and I passed through here 4 years ago it was opening day for Jimmy Buffett's new Margaritaville in Panama City Beach. We wanted to be among the first customers since we were passing by. Trouble was...... on radio Margaritaville they kept saying the new restaurant was in "Panama City" It's not, it's in Panama City Beach which we drove past. When we realized the location info was wrong we didn't double back because of a pending thunderstorm coming in off the Gulf and we wanted to get our trailer set up before the rain came.

Today, I am finally going to see the Panama City Beach Margaritaville, not that it's a big deal, but I want to see it, even if I am not among it's first customers. Can you tell I've been a Buffett fan since the 80's?
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