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FWIW I travel extensively in my current position and try to take full advantage to see and do as much as possible while i am out there. Given the nature of corporate travel I need to be flexible and opportunistic which wouldn't work for a RSFR arrangement.

Anyhow, where have you been so far? Any draw backs or planning considerations other than the obvious?
My ongoing RSFR trip has been from Chicago through Mexico, Central America, Colombia, and Ecuador. Next month I will be departing Cuenca for Cuzco, Peru, or perhaps to Mendoza, Argentina if time permits. The master plan is to get down, in stages, to Santiago for the Dakar finish in January, and then down to Ushuaia and back home by May 2013. Then blast to Alaska and back, and try to ship the bike to Europe so I can do some moto exploration during a planed family trip over the summer.

No drawbacks other than the sometimes high cost of multi-city flights, although I have been able to use miles quite frequently. It does take some careful planning, but so far I have not grossly over- or underestimated travel times on any of my segments. As you know, it's quite expensive to change flight dates at the last minute.

As far as the unpredictability of corporate travel, you might not be able to do a full-on RSFR trip, but I'll bet if time permits you could arrange some pretty nice day or multi-day trips around your travel destinations using rental bikes. You would just have to pack a briefcase AND riding gear.
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