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no more rat's nests

Originally Posted by Kissy_Liz_1977 View Post
Ok, this may seem like a stupid question.... but here goes....


Anyone have any suggestions on how to solve my little 'rats nest' hair problem? Short of cutting off all my hair that is....

I fully expected to see someone else post this solution:

I have just-past-shoulder-length hair that knots up like crazy if I don't protect it from the wind. Tucking it up in my helmet is uncomfortable and I don't like braiding it.

I got a few Buffs ( to keep the wind off my throat when I ride in the cold. These are AWESOME for hair!

I just make a low ponytail, pull the Buff over my head like a do-rag, and put my jacket on over the tail, which stays put.

Bonus: No more crazy helmet-hair bangs!
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