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I've been struggling to get my AT back on the road for far too long. It's a 1998 model with only 18000km. The problem started with a bit of lag around 5000 rpms. I changed to a facet fuel pump and started having issues with the bike seemingly running out of gas when it had plenty. I have had it to the local Honda shop to have the carbs cleaned, to an independent mechanic who cleaned the tank and carbs (replaced a cracked jet from the honda shop visit). It runs great for anywhere from 10 to 25 miles then has the fuel starved symptoms. Every time it will recrank and run for a few miles before doing it again. I have also replaced the facet with another and also replaced the fuel pump relay and also have bypassed the relay. I've pretty much eliminated fuel related issues so I guess it's on to the electrical systems. Anyone have similar issues?
Check the airbox rubbers to the carbs and make sure they are secure and have not popped off due to overtightening of the clamps. Never torque them tight like an ordinary hose clamp or you will not get a proper seal.
You could also check for a vacum leak from the 2 sources above the carbs where you would tap in to source a Scott Oiler or a previous vacum fuel pump.
Choke plungers working correctly? You have 12 volts at the pump I'm assuming when it's running?
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