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We human beings like patterns. We rely on them to cope with the bewildering simulation that life throws at us every day.

So I suppose I should be comforted that late in what had been a spectacularly unpredictable season, F1 has now settled into a familiar pattern.

Lotus can't win a race and won't. Ferrari is blaming their wind tunnel.

And Red Bull is cheating its way to another title.

Some will say I should toughen up. Racing has always been about finding a cheat. They're right. It has.

But there's something disillusioning about a season that had so much promise, a season in which the unlikely seemed possible every weekend, being soiled not by development, but by a blatant cheat that the FIA just doesn't have the ability to detect.

Typically, I watch every televised event on a race weekend: Prac 2, qualy and the race. This weekend, my heart hasn't been in it. I dumped out of practice. And jumped through qualy to the inevitable result. And I may only give the race itself a cursory viewing.

I mean, what's the point? Nobody's going to catch the Red Bull. How can they? The cheating wing has turned a so-so car into a world beater. And that's not likely to change in the remaining 4 races.

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