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Originally Posted by DAKEZ View Post
p.s. STOP using chain lube. There is NO valid reason to spray "Chain lube on a modern O-Ring/ X-Ring chain. NONE.

Spray a bit of Teflon lube every 400 miles or so to help with the chain to sprocket contact...

All the "won't fly off" chain lubes trap dirt and destroy the the O-rings, cutting chain life in half (or worse)
Here's a drawing of an o-ring (x-ring, whatever) chain:

Note that the ring seals in lube between the pin and the bushing, but the bushing to roller surface is not lubed by the sealed lubricant.

Here's what RK chain says: Use formulated O-ring chain cleaner or other similar product to keep dirt from building up around link plates and rollers. Donít use a wire brush or pressure washer. If your chain comes in contact with water, be sure to use a moisture displacement (like WD40). Lubing an O-Ring chain is vital for maximum wearlife. All RK O-Ring chains are injected at the factory with a lifetime supply of internal lubricant. The purpose of an O-Ring lube is to keep the chain from rusting and the O-rings from drying out. Use a lubricant specifically designed for O-Ring Chains.

I agree, the gunky chain lubes are old school. I use an industrial roller chain lube that has moly and graphite in an evaporating penetrating liquid. DuPont has a chain lube in a 4 oz. drip bottle. The DuPont blue can multi purpose teflon lube has been reformulated and is no longer adequate for chains. PJ1 blue label is good.
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