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Originally Posted by AZbiker View Post
Take an R model, throw a flat seat on it, done.

Too bad the R models DIDN'T SELL.
Love the R!

Why doesn't the motor co make a xl with a 29"- 30" seat height( for me would be ideal at 31"), real swing arm travel, and some great front forks. This low stuff is great for the market it is intended for but I am not that market.

I don't want one of the bigger bikes that they offer as I tend towards the smaller displacement size stuff. I like nimble point and squirt stuff. Can you think of a nimble fat ballerina?

Now I know that are many other brands out there that would make a better choice. Here are my secondary considerations that are very important to me: 15 min away is a great well known Harley Dealer I am not interested in driving 90 miles for parts or mail order . Service is big in my book next as is parts availability and interchangeability. A few years after the purchase I have confidence that I will be able to keep my wheels on the road. Been there/here done that. My current brand/ dealer will still service my bike and started selling lawn equipment any way i need a second bike.
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