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when i said the OEM fender assembly isn't up to the pounding it gets on rough gravel roads, here's why.

the left and right seat covers are connected to the tail light with plastic dowel tabs that slide into rubber grommets on each side of the tail light. these eventually shear off because the assembly flexes too much.

the dowels are supposed to slide into these grommets.

when the dowels break, pairs of plastic tabs on the bottom of the seat covers have to carry more load, and eventually these break too.

broken tab on the seat cover

all the plastic pieces around the tail light have to be securely anchored so that the plastic trim piece over the top of the tail light aligns with it's own tabs, impossible with all the other broken tabs and dowels.

so the dowels break, the tabs break, the trim won't fit, and the whole freakin' mess starts lookin' like it's going to crack in half after just one more rough road.

time for something new.
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