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Originally Posted by wxwax View Post
We human beings like patterns. We rely on them to cope with the bewildering simulation that life throws at us every day.

So I suppose I should be comforted that late in what had been a spectacularly unpredictable season, F1 has now settled into a familiar pattern.

Lotus can't win a race and won't. Ferrari is blaming their wind tunnel.

And Red Bull is cheating its way to another title.

Some will say I should toughen up. Racing has always been about finding a cheat. They're right. It has.

But there's something disillusioning about a season that had so much promise, a season in which the unlikely seemed possible every weekend, being soiled not by development, but by a blatant cheat that the FIA just doesn't have the ability to detect.

Typically, I watch every televised event on a race weekend: Prac 2, qualy and the race. This weekend, my heart hasn't been in it. I dumped out of practice. And jumped through qualy to the inevitable result. And I may only give the race itself a cursory viewing.

I mean, what's the point? Nobody's going to catch the Red Bull. How can they? The cheating wing has turned a so-so car into a world beater. And that's not likely to change in the remaining 4 races.
Weren't McLaren also using the "cheating" front wing? The McLaren who's nothing more than on par with Ferrari's terrible F1 car. Ya know, the Ferrari team who FINALLY caught on to the Coanda exhaust with only 4 races to go?

Its not only the front wing flexing a few degrees that makes the RedBull so fast. If they took that front wing off than they'd only be 0.3 seconds ahead of the entire field instead of 0.5 seconds (if its even worth that much). Yes, it makes them and McLaren faster but its not going to turn the RedBull from being the fastest car into a losing car. Everyone has seen you complain about it 10 times already so stop being such a crying pansy about one part on the dominant team in F1. What a shock it is for there to be one dominant team in F1!!! I can't remember the last time that happened. Maybe you should stick to watching nascar so you can complain about Jimmy Johnson winning 5 championships in a row.

For the record I also think the flexy front wing is cheating. The rules say that it cannot flex under aerodynamic load, however, they would still be winning anyway. But wait, F1 is about cutting edge technology and innovation isn't it?
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