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9/10 part 2

We rolled along sidestepping rocks, ruts, and crossing mud holes, all will time in awe of the scenery. We stopped atop Mont Genevris, among some ruins from a time passed, parked our bikes, grabbed the food and ate in one of the most beautiful places I have seen in the Alps.

We had purchased some bread sausage cheese and water for a mountaintop lunch at 8250í above sea level.

I donít know the age of these ruins, but are likely military on origin, as the desolation of the area would not be conducive to settlement.

There was a famous battle, in 1747, where the locals from Piedmont clashed with the French, according to Wikipedia, in a 5 hour battle 5000 French were killed and only 77 Piedmontese. With the great strategic views, and proximity to the border, I would guess that it was also strategic in the World Wars.

More history here:

Not my video, but shows the road and conditions better than I captured. This was just down from where we ate lunch. We luckily had a few mud holes, but it was just damp enough to keep the dust down.

The ride down we past a Shepard working his flock to a water hole

On the way down.

Pictures do not capture the beauty of this ride. Everyone made it down safe, with no incidents, and happy that they cut this unusual side trip.

The F800R decided to collect a little sample of the road

Next up was a beautiful paved road that climbed again over the Col delle Finestre, before turning into dirt on the north slope, for about 8 km and leading back to that little paved road with the 28 switchbacks.

What does 30 switchbacks in 5 km look like? The rapid fire ones come about the 3 minute mark. BTW switch the quality to HD if you have the internet speed, much better to watch.

On a map:

On a bike: The rapid fire ones come about the 3 minute mark. BTW switch the quality to HD if you have the internet speed, much better to watch.

All I can say is today's ride was a memorable one. After getting back to the main road it was time for fuel stop. We all filled up grabbed some refreshment, and took a little breather. The gas station had an outside car wash and one of the attendants was spraying the customer's car with pink soap. One of the riders on the tour was a woman wore a pink helmet. In a moment of silliness Rob asked the attendant if he could borrow the soap wand, and called over Donna, and preceded to cover her in pink soap, before grabbing the high pressure wash wand and rinsing her off, while the attendants, customers, and we roared with laughter. That is one way to get 40 km of dirt road off your riding gear.

The ride back was pleasant, and we paralleled the main road on a small serpentine one, that darted and twisted bak and forth under the highway.

Then up two more Cols, the Col du Laurtaret, and the Col du Galibier

From Col du Galibier

We arrived, late as usual, at another great hotel, sat down to a great dinner, few great bottles of wine, and some great socializing amongst our new friends. This is what life is all about.

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