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Yeah, the CX650 uses a unique final drive, it's not the same as the 500s, unfortunately. If it were, I'd just use the Comstars as I really like those wheels. I'm trying to get a different size rear wheel since the 650 comes with a 15" rear for some dumb reason. I want at least a 16" rear, preferably a 17" or 18". The spoked rear might be the only way to do that, there is a spoked rear that fits the 650's odd drive flange available on one year of the Honda VT800, but it's a 52-spoke wheel, which means that most of the common rims are out.

I think the best bet if I do end up going with the spoked rear is to have a custom rim made from Buchanan's and lace it to the VT800 hub. I wasn't sure if redrilling the hub flanges was a common thing or not, since I don't have any experience with spoked wheels on motorcycles. Bicycles, sure, but there's a big difference between the two.
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