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Originally Posted by Shoganai View Post
Relax, it was just that you jumped off the page more agressively then others, but equel blame all around.

Besides, I kinda like you in spite of several things and thought you were worth reaching out to.

Do you know VonHelm?
If so, mention me to him.

I don't think I know anybody from the board in real life. Not that I'm aware, anyway.

But yeah, I jumped in deep and heavy. That's really just kind of how I am. Too much time around airborne infantry. ;)

I just calls em as I sees em. Some folks get all panty twisted when you make fun of their brand, some folks get twisted when you point out their 'ignance'.

I'm an asshole, I know that. I'm sorry if I actually offended anybody. :
Because so much is riding on your tires.
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