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a little more progress! another setback...

I helicoiled 2 of the headbolts. The other bolt on the right side also decided to let go. Lucky I had a helicoil kit with12 inserts! All torqued to 21 ft/lb.

THEN I put the timing chain on. Yep, definitely stretched... Upper gear looks great. Lower gear has a little wear showing on the teeth, kind of a pattern of streaks from the chain. I guess I'd better start saving for a chain. Anyone have or know of something in a reasonable price range?

Also, I have a lead on a 1987 XL600 that had the cam and lifters go bad. It's going to have to be a trade type deal,
as my budget is limiting out quickly... But, may be my answer to a street legal bike. Parts parts and more parts...

that's it until a chain is in my possession!
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