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[QUOTE=barrier;19906014]'list of rally races' on ADV.
I may have just beaten Troy at something involving rallye and the interweb.!!!![/QUOTE]

We have a winner... that's the "thread" I was thinking of / referring to...

Originally Posted by biggles0449 View Post
Troy, if you know a better way than i do, for posting an excel file onto this forum, then send me an email address and ill send you my "list" of " rallies" the only reason the list mentioned above, didnt have more comprehensive info, was the fact i could not get an excel file to save correctly onto ADV.

The file I have on my laptop, is updated with 70 events, prices, locations, dates and links.. more than welcome to it if any of you guys want it.. just PM and ill forward it onto you..

Unfortunately being the OP mentioned above, life happens, if you dont like it.. well... at least i tried and things are on track now, having just finished my second rally for the year, sadly i live in the real world and plans dont always work out.
As far as the "excel file" goes Biggles, no - like you - I have no idea if/how you would convert an excel file the easiest manner to make it suitable to post up here? (can an excel be converted to pdf. or a word.doc or similar file?)

Regards your second "life happens" comment...? Mate, it's got nothing to do with what I like... it seems you have missinterpreted my post as a criticism? Which it wasn't (intended to be). The ORIGINAL POSTER of this thread, asked for a list (and links to/information about) rallies that use navigation roadbooks. I searched and found YOUR thread; posted a link to it, and an explanation that it featured a "list"... but little in the way of links/other information. And the fact that the thread digessed into a bit of a personal account of one inmates journey along the path (as many do), merely to point out that the bulk of "information" material was pretty much the "list" persť. Not a criticism, just a brief synopsis of the thread I "linked" to.

If you took that as a criticism of your efforts to get to the various rallies you looked into... my appologies - it was not my intention at all.

In my first post on this thread, I also mentioned the fact I recalled another thread (which barrier found ) that had more links/info. on the same subject matter.

I am sure that your excel spreadsheet is of great interest and value to anyone looking for more information on events of this type... thanks for answering and thanks for you offer of sharing/assistance in providing the list of rally contacts/information you compiled.
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