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Originally Posted by bluegreen View Post

This guy is about 5'2". Her form sucks.
That guy is also in a full racing tuck on a closed-course racing track and can't see over his fucking windshield for the oncoming traffic that he doesn't have to deal with. He has the safety to hang off the little bit he can while limiting his ability to pivot his head, let alone look around him much.

Great example. Maybe if you stopped doing track days and rode the roads for a bit, Speed Racer, you'd understand.

Maybe you just want to be right?

I've seen seat to clip-on stretches that screw up people's form when the rider doesn't really fit the bike (for example, if we were to take that same chick and put her on a Ducati 916, it would be even worse form).

Or am I to believe that for any given person's height there are no limitations to how much of a stretch the clip-on to saddle length can be before 'form' is affected?

Here's Perdrosi in a more common road riding stance:

Gee, his head and neck are nearly centered over the tank... Obviously his form sucks. He'll have to do better than that if he ever wants to ride on your streets, eh?
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