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Little update

Well the accident happened on the 23rd of September and this is what it looks like 5 weeks later. Pretty good considering how screwed up it was. I have been off the pain meds completely for about a week and a half and I am pretty happy about that...I hate being on meds of any kind! I have one more week until I can start putting some weight on it. Screws will be coming out the week before Christmas which will most likely set me back a bit but still heading towards the light. It's still going to be a while until I can ride again but the preparations have begun. Every since I put the new shocks on the ADV it has been a bit tall especially along with the aftermarket seat...tip toes both sides. That hasn't really bothered me much but with the foot injury I think it's time to bring it down a bit. I plan on sending my shock back for a rebuild and have them shim it so as to bring the seat height down by 3/4" of an inch and also have a seat built on a low seat base which I hope will give me 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch additional. That should take some of the pressure off my foot and make it a bit easier to handle with my weakened leg. All I can say is when I get a green light to ride I may just have to head to Key West for a little head clearing.
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