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I was just at the BMW dealership buying some parts & gave an eye to the F's there. While it's probably silly, I just cannot see myself riding one since I don't trust the fork bosses.
You're likely correct Slide about this concern being 'silly' because it is far more likely that a car will try to off you! We maybe worrying about the wrong things.
I've 10's of thousands of km on my 2001 F650 with the old style fork boss and occasionally I do get that little feeling of wondering what might be happening in those fork sliders but it quickly leaves my mind. Like I mentioned....probably worrying about the wrong stuff but it does seem to be one extra dumb 'risk' thing that I wish didn't exist.
Evey time I let a friend take it for a spin they peek down at the fork bosses before jumping on!! I don't know if they do this to joke with me or because they actually want to see that there isn't any oil seeping!!
Oh well. I would ride with more peace of mind if BMW/showa had not taken it upon themselves to retool the design at likely great expense in 2004 for simply asthetics! What's up with that?
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