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Day 8 Istanbul, Turkey

Al had some issues to sort out with the KTM so he was up early to go and find someone to plug the oil leak from his rocker cover;

I on the other hand was enjoying a lay in followed by breakfast in the hotel followed by copious amounts of Turkish tea. I went down to talk with Mahmud at the desk as Al came walking back in saying he had found out where a KTM garage was. It was only a couple of miles so we decided to walk over and see what they could do for him.

Istanbul really is an amazing place and I will go back to spend some more time exploring the back streets, the photos do not do it justice and as we walked over the Galata bridge the views were spectacular.

I have to admit at this point, like an idiot, I thought I was walking from Europe to Asia and this was the bridge over the Bosporus. It is a typical port type area, several ferries trying to dock at the same time. People running all over the place trying not to be late. Add to this a busy shopping area with locals selling their wares and hundreds of tourists taking pictures of everything and you will have some idea what it is like.

I enjoyed the walk and eventually we found ATA motors and tried to explain what it was we needed. We had many blank looks but then Ahmet turned up who was the owner of the garage and he spoke reasonable English so we booked the KTM in for that afternoon and went sight seeing.

As I said we did enjoy the tourist stuff occasionally and the blue mosque was top of my list of things to see. Al wanted to see the flooded underwater tunnels so off we went. We managed to have a walk around the mosque and then thought it prudent to take the KTM to the garage so in shorts, t shirt and flip flops we rode the couple of miles back to see Ahmet.

The little problem Al thought he had was actually quite a large problem which would involve hours of work to fix and Ahmet did not even know if he could fix it, but said that we should let him get it stripped and he would see what he could do.

The ride back from the garage to the hotel with Al on the back is not an experience I want to have again; it was like I was riding a different bike with his fat ass on the back.

With the bike sorted we made the decision to go and find a Kebab shop and as Al had chosen the most expensive restaurant in town last night I wanted to find a street vendor. We found a little place and it was awesome. A nice mixed meat kebab with hot chilli sauce and salad:)

The best Kebab in Istanbul

Ahmet rang Al and said the bike could be fixed but would not be ready til late tomorrow afternoon. This fitted in with our plans nicely so a little bit of sight seeing followed by a civilized dinner was in order.

Then the famous phrase was muttered "fancy a beer?"

3 o clock the next morning we left the pub to walk back to the hotel. Now Al will be the first to tell you he can not drink but when he has had a few he does not know when to stop. I practically had to drag him out of the pub even when the lights were on and the barman was telling us no more beer. I think we are both going to suffer in the morning.
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