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Originally Posted by geg
good news is a lot of things will stay the same for next year, so there may be a chance for more parity.
Personally, I think the 'parity' is the problem at the moment. The rules have been in stasis for too long. The 2014 changes were originally planned for next year and it's a shame that they were postponed. Another year of tiny changes and envelopes being pushed means yet more of the same. The same Big Three with two, maybe three teams just failing to join them.

I don't know what it is about the Red Bull era. I'm no fan of Ferrari but when they were the team in the sun, it didn't detract from the enjoyment too much. I've never been so ambivalent about F1 in my life as I am now with Red Bull's domination.

It's not their drivers. I quite like them, I enjoy watching them. It's something about Red Bull the team that turns me off.

Perhaps I'm an F1 snob. It might be something about an energy drink company buying success as opposed to a racing team that has a competition heritage.
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