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Originally Posted by southy View Post
Sweet looking bike but looks to me more like in the range of the KTM500EXC or Husky TE511, big arse enduro bikes with high revving over square high maintenance engines. Doesn't look like it will do long K's well. My TE610 is happy sitting at highway speeds all day long if I wish or the need arises. What sort of oil capacity does the Beta have? How hard is it reving at 100kph? Looking at specs less than 7.9L fuel capacity, not going to get far on that.

This is an awesome bike and I'd love to have one in the shed (In fact the new Beta 300 2T would be a nice replacement for my ageing RMX) but for me this is in a different class to the TE610/630, KTM690 range.

2qts oil, one in the motor and one in the trans. the trans. is seperate so you don't get any cross contamination. They offer a bigger tank from the factory. They also offer "Build your own bike" with some 40different options including suspension valving, spring rates to suit your own weight, gearing and a bunch of other stuff!!!! I've never heard of any company doing that. One of the magazines rode a 520 from LA. to Vegas, raced a big desert race, PLACED, then rode it home!!!! That's not bad......
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