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I've had 2 KLR's, and just picked this up today. I rode it home about 150 miles on the freeway. It isn't as good on the freeway, I don't know what others are talking about. It vibrates more, even though it has vibrinators in it. But, that being said, it did 150 miles just fine. I put the speedo on 70, it didn't slow down at all going up hills, and it had enough room left that I didn't worry at all if I needed to pass someone. This does have the 331cc kit in it, so not sure how much of a difference that makes.

So, the KLRs (at least the ones I've had) were better on the freeway, but this is light enough and powerful enough that it feels like it will be better pretty much everywhere else. With my style of riding, I didn't end up taking the KLR's on long freeway trips, so it didn't make too much since to have one.

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