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Originally Posted by Canuman View Post
Depends on which way we go, Rich. Probably the longest leg is about 100 miles, if you are satisfied with 87 octane. I'm sure as a pilot, you get paranoid running on reserve, as do I. A one-gallon Rotopax would be wicked handy. As with most places up north, the gas is likely to be available from about eight to five, and may need to be bought with cash. From what I've seen, fuel in Newfoundland is about on average in price with the rest of Canada. I'd expect about $1.32 a liter if things don't get crazy, although this could change.

Jackpiner57 could probably hook you up with a custom-made fuel mounting point for a very reasonable price.

That's roughly $5.25 a gallon. I'd say budgeting $25-$35 per day for gas would be sufficient. We're going up there to have a good time and take plenty of pictures, not to wind out hero miles. I'm planning on 200 miles a day, with plenty of time to talk to the locals.
Ok, so my bike gets about 130, miles, not those km things, to reserve and then 25 more. I think a Rotopax might be overkill since I've been using one of my camelbaks to carry extra fuel. Now which hose was which? I expect no trouble from 87 since I've heard that the mighty KLR250 will run on wiz if required. Price if fuel? You can't take it with you...

Maybe I can join up for the meat of the ride on the rock, skipping any prior foreplay elsewhere. When you have some dates let me know so I can start planning compensatory activities with SWMBO.
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