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Originally Posted by SloMo228 View Post
Is it possible to have a spoked wheel hub welded (i.e., closing up all the original holes) and re-drilled for a different number of spokes? If so, any idea what something like that would cost? I have a line on a spoked hub for my project bike but it's a 52-hole hub There's not much selection in rims for that many holes, and those that are available are ultra-heavy chromed-out Harley chopper rims. Not really what I'm looking for.
Possible? Sure, anything is possible. Advisable? Hell no. As already posted, the metallurgy of the hub is unknown and if it's cast (very likely) welding to it will be sketchy. *I* wouldn't ride it.

A custom billet hub is really the only answer if you can't work with the existing number of spokes. The shaft drive interface should not be a huge deal. They would have to bore holes into the hub to mate up to your stock cush drive. Make some rubber or soft polyurethane bushings and Bob's your uncle.

Of course somebody has to design it and--realistically--the hub alone will probably cost around a grand to have made.
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