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Originally Posted by adam_c_eckhardt View Post
I'm in a similar boat; own a 3/4 ton GMC now, and my use for it is coming to an end. I'm kinda torn about what to get. Test drove a Tacoma double cab with a stick and hated it. Nothing like the 2001 I used to own. Then I drove an auto and liked it, but like I told the salesman, "I just can't get excited about spending $32,000 on a Tacoma." He said, "Well we can work on the price." and I said, "Not enough to get my excited enough to buy." I found the regular seats too uncomfortable, but the seats the come with the TRD package are much better. I wish you could get them with the base model.

I had a lot of good experiences with Ridgelines- had a few as "company vehicles" back in the day. Best riding truck on the market. No, it's not going to town a million pounds and haul 7 tons of bricks, but it'll do everything I need it to do. Haven't priced one in a while, I imagine that would scare me too.

Tundra is same cost as the Tacoma (after haggling) but uses more gas, and it much bigger than I'll need.

Might just stick with the POS GMC. No payments is nice even with 9-12 mpg.
You can buy a hell of a lot of gas for $30K+.

My experience a year ago was that the Tundra didn't cost any more than a loaded/fancy Taco. And the Taco is a little sluggish with the 4 for sure, and while a little better with the 6, not a drag racer by any means. The Tundra with the 5.7 is amazingly quick and powerful. But it is a big beast. I'm happy with mine, have had need of a larger truck this past year.....although that need will soon come to an end. I plan to keep it, however, simply because I couldn't replace it with anything remotely approaching economical good sense.
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