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That Colorado is Fugly. I have a 97 GMC 1500 ext cab 2 wheel drive. 350 and a auto. She's got 175k on her clock and doesn't use a drop of oil. I've had to replace the normal things like water pump, radator tanks, intake gaskets twice. One fuel pump when my oldest girl ran the tank dry. With the new crap we have for gas it gets 13 to 15 mpg town driveing. I want a new truck because I want a new truck but I can buy a few parts here and there and a lot of gas for the price of payments on a new truck and the gas millage will be no better. So I bought a 87 GMC S-15 with a 2.8 I'm doing a cheap restor on it and I'm going to run it for gas millage. Ill have areound 1500 in the little thing and get in the 22mpg range. Hell of a lot cheaper then a new truck.
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