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Powdercoat it.
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Originally Posted by Mr. Fisherman View Post
Hey Brian, is there a pin lock shield for these?
No, unfortunately not, and no plans for it.

Also, regarding the sun visors: the owner of AFX is a straight shooter (rare thing these days) and explained the situation. The US distributor (AFX is Canadian) decides what to order. They are reluctant to order a large sized batch, sales figures indicate low sales (which is true....because they are not available...) This distributor is ginormous, and not exactly tuned in to customer demand. The factory is running at near 100% capacity, especially the mold machine. They are reluctant to switch up the machine unless the order quantity is sufficient. So....they are not forthcoming any time soon.

Because of the logic-absent nature of this situation, I fully expect them to randomly pop up as available at some unforeseen time, without warning, I will watch for that.


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