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Originally Posted by wiseanhyzer View Post
I predict Georgia will lose to 'Bama in the SEC Championship game and an 11-1 UF will play in the Sugar Bowl. Which I think sucks because I'd rather see the 'Dawgs play ND in the Sugar Bowl. 'Bama will play Oregon for the title if both teams win out. I guess it's possible that UGA or LSU could play in the Cotton Bowl with 2 losses but not likely.
Watch out - Boise State is on the cusp of being a BCS bowl buster.

The locals are getting worked up as usual - makes it a bit more interesting for the next 5 weeks.

Coach Peterson is doing a good job in a major rebuilding year all while suspending players most every game. Never know why. I assume personal issues. Most of those screwing around get in line quick or they are gone.

In other news, the new Idaho coach just kicked their starting, transfer QB off the team for failing muliple drug tests. Predict that they will end up in the Big Sky.
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