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Originally Posted by Dismount View Post
Early days rocksmith for PC review.

Game itself......Not bad. Decent selection of songs IMO stock, and they are the actual songs not someone covering them. Kind of guitar hero taken to it's logical conclusion.

Difficulty... ramps up a little too quickly for me. Maybe not possible to have it any other way when using actual chords and notes that match up with a real song though. And I suck. Really badly. Could use a little more info on the actual fingering it wants you to do. It does that with chords, but single notes it just kind of leaves you to do whatever.
I think that's the biggest complaint. The game never lets you feel like you've accomplished anything and that's a bit frustrating. There are game specs to Rocksmith but it's really tricking you to learn how to play guitar.

Interface. Sucks ass. But I haven't met a game in years that I liked the interface for. for those used to console type interfaces, probably not that big of a deal. You have to check and re-check your guitars tuning before every song. In 3 days I haven't had to adjust it and I've been playing probably 4 hours a day. Having said that, the actual tuning and re-tuning from standard to drop-d is easily accomplished and sounds right once it's done. For some reason you can fail out of the riff repeater. But not actually performing the song.
So the game forces you to tune and retune after each song or your just have to to stay calibrated? For playing guitar, especially for beginners it's important to play in tune so I can see them wanting that. If the the later, that probably has more to do with the guitar. The combo set comes with a very cheap Epiphone Les Paul Jr. For a guitar it's pretty much at the bottom of the barrel. A better guitar would be less frustrating and stay in tune better. (it's common with cheap guitars.) Although there are tricks to that as well. Like adding graphite between the nut and the strings. Also always tune up and not down. G will usually drop out of tune because of the angle of the string fron the head through the nut. It's a issue with just about all Les Pauls.

I've been wanting to try Rocksmith but the PC version got pushed back a year after the console version and is twice as much for some reason. I'll stick to just playing guitar without the nanny.
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