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Not sure if this is a good idea.
If you have busted stuff inside, it could kill you.
A spine fracture feels the same way, you can't breath for a while. I have had that happen twice.

Like others have said, pre ride or go slow in unknown places, never over ride your sight lines, street or dirt.

I took a fall that was not as bad as that on some sandy whoops, and managed to break my clavicle, scapula, 5 ribs front and back, collapse a lung, tore my spleen, and fractured my spine, all at once!
If I took a fall like yours, I would be dead or worse.

Lucky for me, I did that dumb shit when very young and got away with most of it.

Loving the WR, looks like a hoot, and I guess its hard to resist twisting the throttle.

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Been there, done that, sucks. Last time I did it was water skiing --- it's pretty panic-inducing when it happens in the water.

Having the wind knocked out of you is basically a cramp or spasm in the diaphragm. The trick to stretch your diaphragm and it will release. Reach behind you, grab your heels and arch your belly forward, and bingo, it releases.
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