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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
Even with the detector i got 4 speeding tickets while in BC. One of them was with a group of 6 all doing 140 in an 80. Pulled us all over, I got the only ticket in the group. 3 of us had detectors.
I can't even hear mine at them speeds, but it is old. From them old days when I did slam the brakes more than once so the guy behind me got the ticket but that was always cars. With bikes I sure warned the others that I was so equipped and to watch for my brake light at all times. No need to get rear ended by a buddy.

Cop even smoked his tires once to get the following car and probably flatspotted them from the amount of smoke. No ticket needed after a well over 10,000 Kms "no ticket" ride and I was almost home in Victoria.

These days I rely much more on road sense....and my nose to sniff them out. Touch wood maybe but no ticket in BC in 20 years and I sure met lots of them cops the last few years.And in other provinces also. Just so happened that for some reason I may have instinctively slowed down.

Sure had to talk to a few of them, other province and the USAs but the outcome was always.....reasonable. But I did get a somewhat dirty look from one in WA as I had forgotten to switch it off entering the state, illegal in WA them things.
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